Sketches are the essential start of any project!

Every project no matter in what "disciplin", starts with a visualisation in the form of a sketch. It does not matter if digital or analog in pencil or on what surface...
In the beginning there has to be a sketch....
It may vary heavily in point of execution ; wether its detailed, roughly or just in words....
An idea deserves a visual manifestation.

Here following you can check out a bunch of my sketches.....
Some have links to the followed-up execution in whatever form I chose it to be....



SNAPone takes a stand against racism!
There is no way to geht thru this pandemic without a change of mind to "we" !!
Lets get rid of the egomanic approach of "me first" ..... Even if the (never-telling-the-truth) President of the United States is making false claims on a daily basis, there is no racism in a virus! Thats the major difference to Trump! A virus doesnt know and doesnt care for skincolors at all. Its affecting all of us and its scary in the same way to all of us. No matter what color, "race", or ethnicity!
Lets get thru this might just make us unite more and realize that we are all the same! One People! One Love!
#leavenoonebehind #snapone #covid19
Please support: Leave No One Behind

Portrait Stuff

SNAPone vs. Bilie Eilish purple edit1 SNAPone vs. Bilie Eilish tea-watercolor-pencil

SNAPone vs. L.A. - based Singer Billie Eilish - done in tea-pencil and watercolor
She has a natural look that displays beauty in its purest for for me....she looks like she is down, smiling, looking happy - all with the same honesty that makes me believe she is not playing ..... who cares if I am wrong?
Its that what makes her real to me...and: actually I enjoy listening to her music as well...
#billieeilish #snapone #watercolor

SNAPone Sexy nubian queen with short hairs done in pencil and coffee

SNAPone vs. a nubian queen with short hair and the cutest lips and eyes I have seen in a long time....
I found her picture on Pinterest and couldnt stop lookin`at her. That seductive look and these lips are makin her face stand out hard from the rest of all the polished faces in the beauty-industry. Thats what it makes it even more attractive for me to draw and look at.
#oneloveonepeople #snapone #watercolor

SNAPone Unknown Asian Beauty painted in tea and coffee

SNAPone vs. the unknown asian beauty. I found her pic on pinterest and instantly fell in love with her..
I really love the expression on her face..the freckles and beautiful and cute.
#snapone #watercolor

SNAPone Coffee and Ink Zoe

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia, Zoe Barnard has caught the attention of the fashion industry world-wide. The 20 year old of Indian heritage who currently calls New York City home, has already worked for publications such as Vogue Australia, Vogue Italia, Elle Australia and is now the face of Hunter Lab’s latest campaign; Style Starts With Your Skin
#snapone #watercolor

SNAPone Twiggy aka TWIGS in Coffee SNAPone Twiggy aka TWIGS in Coffee SNAPone Twiggy aka TWIGS in Coffee

Twiggy - was initially known for her thin build and the androgynous appearance considered to result from her big eyes, long eyelashes, and short hair. She was named "The Face of 1966" by the Daily Express and voted British Woman of the Year. By 1967, she had modelled in France, Japan, and the US, and had landed on the covers of Vogue and The Tatler. Her fame had spread worldwide. I really always since I was a young boy adored her face to the fullest.
#snapone #mixedmedia #sketches
Source: Wikipedia

SNAPone TeeEyeTee in Coffee SNAPone TeeEyeTee in Coffee

Free Interpretation of shortenings of my Crews` coffee and ink.... sometimes its best to not think about what you do and just do matter what comes...this is an output of a rainy night with heavy rain that caused be to being able to get any sleep..instead I turned on some of Sergei Wassiljewitsch Rachmaninow piano-concerts and drew/painted something that came to my mind in coffee and ink...
#snapone #coffeeandteapaintings #illustrations


Interesting faces - The last weeks I tried to visualize a few faces I really find interessting in various techniques..... F.e. this one is the singer "LORDE" and it is painted in tea, doing accents in fineliner afterwards.
#lorde #snapone #teaandcoffeepaintings


King of Cool - This one is the millions of times copied but never reached - Miles davis aka. King of Cool! This is simply done in peppermint-tea and refined with fineliner afterwards.
#milesdavis #watercolor #illustrations


Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko - russisch Наталья Николаевна Захаренко, better known as Natalie Wood. This was one of the most influential faces in my very early youth days.....I was heavily in love with her face....
#snapone #illustrations #watercolors

Mixed Media

SNAPone vs. Monsanto Kills SNAPone vs. Monsanto Kills

Glyphosat - has been used in the production of food almost worldwide until it was made public that its partly the reason for a bunch of diseases and is now known to be one of the main causes for cancer! I definitely believe that it does NOT make sense to use this this product and destroy the planet for coming generations.
This work was created with watercolor aquarellics, then scanned into Pshop, and mounted with other elements digitally. (Created 2020 by SNAPone)
#snapone #mixedmedia

SNAPone vs. the Corn - 1997

For comparison: this is an illustration I did in 1997. It was part of my portfolio applying for design-school back then. I still like the isnt as easy as one might figure to create the desired shapes but not so paralell lines alone. I find it very challenging and enjoy playing around with this technique lately again.
#snapone #mixedmedia


Jessie J. - This one was inspired by the singer..her song pricetag was running on heavy rotation for a long time, and I couldnt get it out of my head back then..... In 2014 I felt the need to illustrate her....this was done using aquarellics and fineliners..
Afterwards it was slightly tuned in pshop.
#snapone #mixedmedia


Layer Cake

SNAPone Trece Styles

Layer Cake - Writing letters is one the main things graffiti-artists care about and do .....thats what its about! Its all about letters, their forms and different shapes.....all of the so-well known alphabet that we all learned in early childhood-days. The art-form graffiti derives directly from abbstracting the learned classic forms into something new and unusual to the eye. The challenge lies in making that what everyone is extremly used to, into something where abstraction and personal style result in something appealing and visually attractive to the uneducated eye of the "normal" human. (Normal in this case is defined as "non-graffiti-artist")
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting

Groovy 45degrees

SNAPone Trece Styles Abstractions

Groovy 45degrees - The degree of abstraction that evolves a style from regular typography to a so-called wildstyle or an even unreadable one is not clearly defined. How could it anyways? The one judging it, is the one that sees it. It is getting more and more philosophical if you allow it to get... To me, its not a question of "wildstyle" or not....its all about the question: Do YOU like what you see? Only YOU can judge.....
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting

White on Black

SNAPone Trece Style White on Black

White on Black Trece - To me the key to a "good" style is a healthy mixture of flowing elements combined with a bit of static ones.... The right mix makes it an eye-catcher.
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting

Trece pencil in Sketchbook

SNAPone Trece Style Sketchbook 2018

Trece Sketch 2018 - Lots of sketches in my sketchbooks evolve from page to page, becaus I pick up the elements I like and try to arange them in new ways in the next. This one is pretty as it neatly centers and has a bit of symetry in it.
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting

Trece layoutmarker in sketchbook

SNAPone Trece Style Sketchbook Colors 2019

Trece Sketch 2019 - The use of colors in sketches in not mandatory, but sometimes helpful to develop an idea of fill-ins. I enjoy using waterbased layoutmarkers a lot, even thou they tend to vary heavily in the sprayed output due to color-selection in the then-used cans. But I really enjoy these wet-in-wet techniques that are known from classic aquarellic paintings.
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting

Trece sketch to graffiti 2020

SNAPone Trece Style turned into Graffiti

Trece Sketch 2020 - This is an example of a sketch turning into a graffiti-piece. Not every sketch gets turned into a piece, but every now and then I did a sketch that I felt was worth it. You can check how it turned out in spraypaint here
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting

Trece 2020 vectorish

SNAPone Trece Vector Esthetics 2020

Trece Sketch Vector 2020 - Vectorgrafics have the great advantage of being scaleable without limitations. Sometimes I really enjoy the esthetics of that clean vecotrish look. Good for printing and stickers and a bunch of applicable possibilities.
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting

Trece vs. the vectors of depression

SNAPone Trece vs. the vectors of depression 2020 SNAPone Trece vs. the vectors of depression 2020

Trece vs. the vectors of depression - playing around with shapes, lines and colors... outside the worlds are goin crazy about Corona and on the inside there is confusion. Strange times and feelings sometimes.. The colorscheme is rather coolish.
#snapone #stylesketches #stylewriting